"I believe in the power of stories to transform and inspire people. I make music to help tell the story."

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I'm Braden Deal, a film composer living in Austin TX.

I've always loved watching films. I LOVE MOVIES. The only thing I ever seemed to enjoy just as much was music. It didn't take long after I picked up my first guitar for me to start experimenting with other instruments as well. I performed with bands and wrote music all through school.

Eventually I studied film composition through Berklee College of Music and got my Masters Certificate in Composing for Film, TV, and Games. Since then I've composed music for feature films, short films, web series and other projects. You can view all my project credits HERE.

My goal is always to create music that supports story in the best possible way, and contribute to a unique viewing experience. I enjoy collaborating with creative, passionate people and welcome any project that may find use of my services.

Braden Deal - bradencomposes@gmail.com