What am I going to do to your podcast?


The process of mixing and mastering audio works to ensure that your audio is clear, controlled, and easy on the ears. Odds are, your voice will be present throughout most of the podcast. Mixing speaking voices is subtle work. We don’t want to over edit your voice, so as to make it sound unnatural. We simply want to make minor, delicate adjustments so that your voice is clear, balanced, and natural. I’ll remove harsh frequencies and control the dynamics of your voice, in order to avoid loud spikes in volume.

Finally, after editing out unwanted noises or spaces, adjusting the stereo quality, and making sure all voices are warm and balanced, the last touch is to increase the overall volume to a professional level, while avoiding distortion due to peaking. Your end result will be clear, crisp, and at a well-balanced volume for the listener.


Was there an extended pause, coughing, or a misspoken word or two during your interview or narrative? Not to worry. If you’re uncomfortable stitching the words together yourself, I’d be happy to edit the podcast so as to rid it of all the aforementioned problems. I’ll take out the parts you don’t want, while maintaining the podcast’s cohesive structure.



My fee for editing and adjusting the audio for your podcast will depend on a few factors. These include: how much editing of the material is required; the duration time; your deadline; etc. I’m happy to work with creators to find a number that they are comfortable with and works within the budget they have. Please email me for more information.